Part Number: SHO-BPS01

Shorai Battery Charge/Store for 6 Volt and 12 Volt LFX Batteries

  • Universal power input: 100v to 240v AC 50/60 Hz. (US 110~120V adapter included)
  • Includes connection cables for 12v Shorai batteries (6v cable sold separately).
  • Easy to use selector: Charge mode to bring your battery to full or Store mode to maximize battery life during the off-season.
  • Weather-resistant Cover Included: Heavy duty construction and great durability.
  • The Shorai Battery Charger has a 2 amp maximum charge rate and connects directly to the battery through a special, 5 pin port located on every Shorai battery.
  • It has a selector so you can set it for a full charge or for long term storage.
  • Store mode, the charger will bring the battery up to 80%. Once the battery reaches 60% charger, the charger will bring it back up to 80%.
Part Number: SHO-BPS01

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